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About Us


Established in 2018, Yellow King is a craft coffee company that originated by participating in farmers markets and local events. Our offerings include gourmet hot brewed coffee, various iced teas, fresh roasted coffee beans for home, and a specialization in cold brew coffee.

In early 2022, we proudly inaugurated a shop at 920 South Colony Rd. in Wallingford, CT. Following this success, a new location emerged in Bristol, CT, situated inside the Bristol Bazaar, opening its doors in December 2023.

The expansion not only brought another venue for our craft coffee but also introduced a beer tap room, seamlessly blending the atmosphere of a brewery with a coffee shop. On tap, patrons can enjoy specialty cold brews and a selection of Connecticut craft beers.

Our menu extends to include espresso-based beverages, regular brewed hot coffees and teas, as well as delectable baked goods and bar snacks sourced from local CT businesses.


Yellow King serves as a welcoming space for customers to gather and socialize in a laid-back environment. Moreover, we host a variety of events such as live music, trivia, movie nights, and televised live sporting events.

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